Session Fees


Initial Appointment - Caregiver(s) only
45-60 minutes

During the initial appointment, Dr. Kinnear will meet with caregiver(s) to review policies/procedures, gather relevant medical and developmental history, and discuss information related to target concerns.  Caregiver will also be asked to complete relevant behavior rating scales.

If it is determined during this appointment that services with Dr. Kinnear are  appropriate, a standard session will be scheduled.

*Note: Information gathered during this appointment will also be used to determine the best setting for treatment (virtual versus in-person).

$185 per session

Standard Session

First standard session:

This session includes direct observation of caregiver-child interaction & developmentally appropriate child interview. 

Subsequent standard sessions:

Most sessions include both caregiver(s) and child.  At times, caregiver(s) may be seen without child or child may be seen alone.