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Do you accept insurance?

Kinnear Child Psychology currently accepts payment in the form of check and credit card.  HSA/flex spending cards may be used as well.  If clients would like to access their Out of Network insurance benefit, we would be more than happy to provide you with an invoice that includes necessary billing information.  By not accepting insurance we are allowing families to receive services in the way that best meets the needs of their child.

How many sessions should I expect?

Treatment at Kinnear Child Psychology is intended to be time-limited.  Children are in treatment an average of 8-20 sessions.  Length is based on many factors including intensity/frequency of target behaviors, number of problem behaviors, age, and active participation in treatment (e.g. completing work outside of sessions). Ultimately, length of treatment is based on goal attainment and caregiver(s) feeling equipped to navigate behavior moving forward.

What can I expect in treatment?

Caregivers are considered the change agent for treatment and therefore are expected to actively participate in sessions.  Home practice between sessions is essential to treatment progress.  We practice by the motto "If nothing changes, nothing changes", meaning we target the way caregivers respond, and the way the environment is structured, to modify behavior.

Will you work with my child one-on-one?

Majority of sessions will include the caregiver, however this may vary on a case by case basis.  Whether the caregiver is actively implementing the intervention, or observing the child's activity with Dr. Kinnear, caregivers play a vital role in treatment gains and the overall success of the program.

Do you collaborate with other providers?

Of course!  Collaboration with other professionals is important in providing the best care for patients.  Based on clinical needs, Dr. Kinnear will work with psychiatrists, physicians, educators/school staff, etc.

Where do you see clients?

PCIT can be delivered in-person and virtually.  Although the entire treatment can be delivered virtually, caregivers have the option to attend in-person appointments during the first phase of treatment and for key teaching sessions.
Selective Mutism treatment may be best provided in-person, however virtual and/or school-based sessions may be appropriate on a case by case basis.  
CBT and SPACE can be delivered in-person and virtually; case specific.

What days/times are services offered?

Our office is currently open the following days/times:
Monday: 1200p - 500p
Tuesday: 830a - 600p
Wednesday: 830a - 600p
Thursday: 830a - 500p

What is your cancellation policy?

Attending sessions consistently helps your family make quicker changes.  However, we have worked with families long enough to know sometimes things prevent us from attending appointments. If that happens, please call to let us know that you cannot attend.  Appointments canceled at least 2 hours ahead of the appointment will be rescheduled without a fee.  If you provide less than 2 hours notice, or do not contact us at all, you will be charged a  $100 no show fee.  All balances must be paid in full prior to the start of each appointment.

What if there is threat of bad weather?

Kinnear Child Psychology will follow Aledo ISD  (AISD) for weather based closures.  If AISD is closed, we will be as well.  Virtual appointments may be offered on a case by case basis.  For school delays and early closures sessions may still be offered.

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