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Who We Help

Young children (2-9 years of age).
Children who present with typical development or mild delays (e.g. speech, language, cognitive). 
Children diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and/or an anxiety disorder.
Because many young children may not meet criteria for a specific diagnosis, therapy is focused on changing behaviors, emotion regulation and/or anxiety.
Early intervention and prevention are key to a child's long-term success! It is NEVER too early to begin services!

Who We Help: Services


Not following directions / Defiance
Tantrums/outbursts, poor self-regulation
Mild physical aggression
Verbal aggression/back talk
Sleep difficulties (e.g. not staying in own bed, not wanting to sleep in own room, bedtime routine challenges).
Anxiety (e.g. afraid to speak with others, fear to separate from caregiver(s))

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